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Experience Food & Drink at The Interlude

Blends with Benefits

Explore the unexpected and evocative world of tea. In a hosted tea blending experience, you’ll discover the origins of tea that run deep in history dating back to more than 5,000 years ago. Your Host will guide you on a sensory journey, as you learn how to describe the flavour profile and aromas in artisan teas.

Be introduced to a variety of organic Australian botanicals, from lavender and chamomile, to rose and coconut. Put your knowledge to the test and try to guess each one, before becoming an expert and creating your own unique signature tea blend to take home.

Taste the bases of artisan teas as you prepare to become a tea expert yourself. Do you feel like your immunity needs a boost? Or perhaps, your body is craving an extra burst of energy in the morning? Having trouble unwinding at the end of the day? Your Host has you covered with recommended botanicals to suits your everyday needs. Embark on a reflective journey and get in touch with your inner self. Take this moment in time to pause, reset, and revive.